Dunlea Faults DiNapoli over NY1 Debate Exclusion

NY 1 Invites Two Democrats to Comptroller Debate, Excludes Dunlea

DiNapoli Fails to Stand up to NY 1 and Insist on an Inclusive Debate

Mark Dunlea, the Green Party candidate for State Comptroller, said the decision by NY 1 to only have the two Democrats running for State Comptroller debate is a disservice to the voters and highlights the continued opposition by NY 1 to the democratic process. The debate will air on October 29.

“The debate staged by NY 1 and Spectrum may be of interest to the Wall Street financiers who seek to profit from the comptroller’s office but it is unlikely to be of much interest to taxpayers and other voters. It certainly will not provide adequate coverage to the issue of whether or not the state should divest from fossil fuels that is driving climate chaos. It is morally wrong for New York to seek to profit from companies that threaten life on this planet. It is also a bad financial decision,” noted Dunlea.

Climate activists for the last 5 years have urged the state legislature and the Comptroller to divest from fossil fuels. A recent study found that if NYS had divested from fossil fuels a decade ago, the state pension fund would have an extra $22 billion dollars.

Dunlea also faulted DiNapoli for not being able to make NY 1 open up the debate to all the candidates. “DiNapoli said he wanted an open debate. His inability to make NY 1 agree to this, and his decision to debate anyway, underscores his inability to stand up to Cuomo and the state Legislature in protecting taxpayers from corruption and waste. New Yorkers deserve a more assertive Comptroller,” stated Dunlea.

Last week the State Attorney General sued Exxon for allegedly defrauding investors like the NYS Common Retirement System for decades about the risks posed by climate change. New York has nearly a billion dollars invested in Exxon and between $6 to $11 billion overall in fossil fuels.

Tom Sanzillo, the Acting State Comptroller before the legislature appointed DiNapoli to replace Alan Hevesi, wrote that “The lawsuit filed yesterday by New York’s attorney general against Exxon Mobil is a stark indication of just how risky investing in oil and gas companies has become.”

The Republican nominee for State Comptroller is an enrolled Democrat.

The Green Party has called for New York State to take over Spectrum and convert it to a broadband public utility.

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