Call Tom DiNapoli To DivestNY from Fossil Fuels

The climate crisis is getting worse: temperatures are spiking, extreme weather is now everyday weather, and President Trump is loosening regulations on fossil fuel companies. Ice caps are melting, coastal lowlands are flooding, harvests are failing, environmental refugees are growing.

Please help in the effort to stop climate chaos by calling NYS Comptroller Tom DiNapoli at 518 474-4044 and urging him to divest the state pension funds from fossil fuels (you can also tweet him at @TomDiNapoli or @NYSComptroller). The call-in day is Tuesday July 24th but call whenever you can – once a week if you can.

Script: please divest the NYS pension from fossil fuels. It is wrong to invest the pension fund in companies that are destroying the planet through global warming. And is increasingly a risky financial investment.

Since and other climate groups started the divestment campaign 5 years, we have managed to convince 700 institutions worldwide with funds of more than $6 trillion to divest. This includes Ireland, which two weeks ago became the first nation to divest. NYC officials in January of this year said they would divest, as have Cooperstown and number of NYS college. (More background info here.)

Divesting is an important step in fighting climate change, and one every government and trustee of public pension funds should take right now. It is based on the divestment campaign that was used to stop apartheid in South Africa.

Tom DiNapoli, the Comptroller, has repeatedly refused to divest, claiming he would be more effective in talking to Exxon, Chevron and other fossil fuel companies. But 50 years of shareholder advocacy campaigns have never produced any results. And even DiNapoli admits the recent study he got Exxon to do on climate risk was worthless – especially when the Attorney General of NY and other states are investigating Exxon and other companies for lying to the public and investors for decades about the reality of climate change.

We need bold leadership to combat climate change! Comptroller DiNapoli is failing us and the planet. Help Dunlea for Comptroller make DiNapoli #DivestNY. You can keep up the pressure by tweeting a divestment message to @NYSComptroller!

Finally, join with the Mark Dunlea, Green for Comptroller campaign and help elect a candidate who will address climate change on Day One. You can donate and volunteer at the website, and follow me on Twitter @dunleamark and Facebook (

I would also be happy to come to your community and talk about climate change and divestment.

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