The Solution to School Safety Must Include Ending the Epidemic of Gun Violence

Mark Dunlea, the Green Party candidate for State Comptroller, said today making schools safer required fundamental solutions to the epidemic of gun violence in society.

“It makes sense as the Comptroller has proposed to review what schools are doing to train staff and students on how to respond to an intruder with a gun, though I suspect that the Comptroller’s office doesn’t really have the expertise on this issue. But we need far more extensive gun control in this country, starting with ending access to assault weapons. When I first ran for Congress in 1982, the debate was over whether to ban handguns. Now we debate the ease of access to weapons designed to kill many people as quickly as possible,” stated Dunlea.

Dunlea noted that for 2 centuries the nation’s courts repeatedly ruled against the concept of an individual right to own guns until a rogue US Supreme Court overturned the DC law on handguns.

“Those who believe in the right of an individual to own guns have a responsibility to propose steps to allow this to occur safely. Our communities have a right to be protected from guns and we are failing miserably. The NRA has become little more than the lobbying arm of gun manufacturers and buy politicians with no regard to the well-being of the citizens of this country,” Dunlea added.

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