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DiNapoli Goes to Poland to Defend Investing in Fossil Fuels

Dunlea Slams Comptroller DiNapoli for Flying to Poland to Support Continued Investment in Fossil Fuels Says DiNapoli should talk to European and Canadian pension funds about investment in renewables Mark Dunlea, the recent Green Party candidate for State Comptroller, said…

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Expand alternative investment options in deferred comp

Dunlea Wants to Expand Alternative Investment Options under Deferred Compensation Plan Gets Endorsement of 350 ACTION and Food and Water Action (Food and Water Action endorsement: Mark Dunlea, the Green Party candidate for Governor, called today for the State Comptroller…

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Food and Water Action Endorses Dunlea

Mark Dunlea Endorsed for New York State Comptroller Climate Champion Will Push for Bold Policies to move New York Off Fossil Fuels BROOKLYN, NY – Food & Water Action, the political arm of the national advocacy organization Food & Water…

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Bringing Green Party Values to the Comptroller's Office

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Divest State Pension Funds From Fossil Fuels

We need a state comptroller who will be a national leader in standing up for effective climate action, starting with divesting our state pension funds from fossil fuels. Mark worked for 5 years with to get NYC to divest. Now we need the NYS Comptroller to divest. Nearly 50 state lawmakers sponsor state legislation Mark wrote to get NYS to divest.

100% Renewable Energy by 2030

Climate change is the greatest threat to humanity. We would need to reduce the amount of carbon in the atmosphere to avoid catastrophic climate change. Moving to 100% clean energy would create hundreds of thousands of new jobs. Improve health, and lower electric rates.

Stronger Oversight Over NY's Finances

Mark cut local property tax every year he was on Poestenkill Town Board. We need to cut out waste and corruption such as with the state’s economic development programs. Mark will challenge the Governor when he fails to comply with court orders relating to school and criminal justice funding. Create a public bank like North Dakota.

Promote Progressive NY Finances

It is wrong that the janitor in Trump Tower pays a higher percentage of his / her income in New York taxes than Trump ever did. We need a progressive tax system, starting with a major increase in state income taxes for the wealthy. We need to cut local sales and property taxes, starting with restoring state revenue sharing to 8% to local governments. Stop rebating $15 billion annually to Wall Street speculators from the stock transfer tax. Support single payer universal health care.

Enact a State Carbon Tax

Mark helped draft legislation to enact A state carbon tax to make corporate polluters pay for the damage they have caused. This would also help speed up the transition to 100% clean renewable energy.

Audit Government Agency Performance

We need state agencies to improve their performance in dealing with wage theft and providing assistance to needy families. Help local governments manage their finances.

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Divest New York's Common Retirement Fund from Fossil Fuel Companies